the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has announced consequences from the critique of more than 100 lung doctors to the fine dust limit values. “I’m going to make the Initiative of the Doctors on the topic of the next EU transport Council of Ministers,” said Scheuer, the “picture on Sunday”. “The call of the pulmonary doctors must lead to the implementation of the limit values being questioned and possibly changed.”

First of all, so shy, but had to “be the masochistic debate ended, as we in Germany always put it briefly, self-harm and can be a burden. Especially now the measurement to be checked.”

Scheuer sees the damage for citizens and jobs

At the same time scouring the accused aid to the auto industry, make a mess: “There are forces in this country who wish to destroy the Diesel and then the diesel. The German environmental aid Association and others follow this strategy to the detriment of the citizens and the jobs.”

On Tuesday, a group of lung specialists had criticised in a position paper, the applicable limits for nitrogen oxides and particulate matter – and the debate around driving bans and speed limits in Germany re-ignited.

The position paper, which was written in the lead of Dieter Köhler, the former Vice-President of the German society for pneumology (DGP), was already in the beginning of January to 3800 DGP-members sent. But only 112 have signed it to date, less than three percent of lung experts asked. The official Position of the DGP is: “air pollutants endanger our health – especially children, the elderly and the Sick”, as the Association announced in November 2018.

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