For more than two weeks, the US-student Lara Alkasem was stuck at the international airport Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv. Now Israel’s Supreme court has lifted the entry ban for the 22-Year-old. After the decision in the highest instance, you can now begin, as planned, her master’s degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Israel denied the young woman with Palestinian roots so far, the entry, because you have supported the anti-Israeli protest movement BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions). Alkasems lawyers, the decision of the Supreme court called it “a victory for freedom of expression, academic freedom, and the rule of law”.

Three judges had heard on Wednesday in Jerusalem, in the presence of Alkasem the arguments of your attorney, as well as of the state. A representative of the Hebrew University, who wanted to let the young woman enter. She was on 2. October ended up with a student visa at the airport. Since then, she was stuck at the airport.

Alkasem in the past was active in the organization, Students for Justice in Palestine (students for justice in Palestine), which supports a Boycott of Israel. Her lawyer stressed that she had renounced, but in the meantime, the public of their goals.


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