After his traffic accident in the East of England, Prince Philip has apologised to a woman who had broken the wrist. The “Sunday Mirror” published on Sunday a copy of a letter that the 97-year-old husband of the Queen Emma Fairweather wrote. “I want you to know how much I’m sorry for my involvement in the accident”, – stated in it.

“I can only assume that I did not see the car, and I am very contrite in the face of the consequences,” continued the Prince in the Letter. The sun had been very low over the main road and it may be blinded. Normally, you could see the road well.

As onlookers at the scene collected, I advised him, in the country residence at Sandringham to return, writes Philip – which should probably serve as an explanation why he was not equal to worry the victim. He’s “deeply sorry” that Fairweather had suffered the broken bone, he wishes her a “speedy recovery”, quick recovery.

Prince Philip was pushed in front of one and a half weeks in the vicinity of the Royal country seat of Sandringham Palace with his all-terrain vehicle with a Kia, as he pulled out of a side road into a main road. His Land Rover crashed on the driver’s side, the windshield was broken. The Duke of Edinburgh, could be rescued by a hastily summoned witnesses unharmed out of the car.

The police subjected him immediately after the Crash, a breathalyzer test. The driver of the other car was tested. According to the police of Norfolk the Standard in the case of persons who were involved in collisions, including Royals. Both Tests were negative.

The 28-year-old Kia driver suffered cut injuries to her nine-month-old Baby remained unharmed. Fairweather was sitting as a passenger in the car. She had complained a week ago against the “Sunday Mirror” about the fact that Prince Philip had not apologised after the accident initially.


Only two days after his traffic accident, Prince Philip got himself in a police complaint for driving without a seat belt. Tabloid Newspapers had not buckled on Saturday published a photo that shows the husband of the Queen at the wheel of his Land Rover, apparently. “We know the photos,” said a police spokeswoman. “The drivers were given appropriate advice.”

the husband of The Queen likes to sit at the wheel. In 2016, he insisted, the former US President’s visit to the couple of Barack and Michelle Obama during his United Kingdom together with the Queen in the grounds of Windsor castle around.

The Prince had adopted in 2017. In the past few years, he suffered from health problems: The heart made him to create, he had cystitis, and had to be operated by the Hand, and got a new hip joint.

the car accident was triggered in the UK, a debate about the fitness to Drive of older people. In the UK, the licence runs from the age of 70 years, but can be with a simple self-assessment test renewed. According to official figures, more than 100,000 seniors over 90 years in the UK still have a driving licence.


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