Alexander Gerst is back in Germany After 197 days in space and more than 3,000 times around the world aboard the International space station ISS of the popular, German ESA-Astronaut landed on Thursday afternoon from Kazakhstan, coming in a special machine at the airport Cologne/Bonn.

Gerst left the machine walking upright and was taken by colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and politicians. Health to him “very well,” said Gerst after landing to 19.43 at the military part of the Airport. On the question of what he wanted after months of astronaut food, now eat first, ‘ said the 42-Year-old: “A big plate of salad.” The effects of weightlessness during his space flight are clearly evident: on the earth Now everything is “totally hard,” said Gerst.

As a child, he had always thought that space was a very special place. In the meantime, he had realized, however, that this was completely wrong, said Gerst in Cologne, Germany. “The only truly special place we know and where we live can be where we are without great effort: This is the earth.”

Astronaut Alexander Gerst gets out of the plane

His first night Gerst spent in space travel, medical research center for the Investigation of the German center for air and space travel (DLR). There and in the neighbouring European astronaut centre (EAC) of the European space Agency Esa in Cologne, he should again get used to the earth’s gravity.

Doctors and scientists team Gerst, probably with the exception of the Christmas holidays in the next two weeks of round-the-clock care, such as the DLR announced. The scientists in Investigation of medical examinations to be made in the order of Esa, Nasa and other space agencies.

Among other things, the doctors check on blood and saliva samples, as Gersts immune system by staying in it All has changed. In order to investigate the effect on the muscle functions are measured, in addition, elasticity and stiffness of the muscles.

The Astronaut had landed in the Morning with a Soyuz-Kapselin of the Kazakh Steppe. Previously, he had spent almost 200 days on the International space station ISS. It was already the second Mission of the 42-Year-old on the Outpost of humanity.

Whether he will still fly into space, is uncertain. When asked about this he said in Cologne: “I mean: After the game is before the game.”


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