The TV channel Sport1 will use Gordon Shumway as an expert and Co-commentator on the Darts world Cup in 2019. This is the TV station announced on Twitter.

The former players had said during the duel between Anastasia Dobromyslova and Ryan Joyce on the first-time participation of women at the tournament in London: “I’m not a friend of this circus. I don’t know what this is, two of the women in the case of a professional Darts tournament with a record? Why only two? I think it’s not a good idea. If you would like to give the ladies a platform, then you can give them your own tournament series.”

Shumway had reaped massive criticism after he had said also: “We know, Darts is a mental game. And men will probably always have a Problem to play against women. His buddies laugh at him for a four weeks beforehand.” Commentator Basti Schwele had initially tried to save as an advocate for women at the world Cup the Situation, but then at some point in the direction of Shumway said: “Now is good.”

The 50-Year-old had apologized later live “with the girls and ladies in the sport of Darts” for its macho sayings. He had “nothing against women in the Darts or in the case of this world Cup”. His daughter’s games, he had played many years against women.

player after many years without changes

frustrated, “There are many women to play great Darts. Give you to prove to us, that is to the right. You deserve it more than,” says Ex-national player Martin Hebecker. In tournaments of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), women were always on equal footing – in mixed competitions, but rarely.

Why do men dominate? At the arrows, it could not lie, said Michael Sandner: You need a “not particularly large bicep” to place the 20 to 25-gram Darts on the target, said the President of the German Darts Association. Sandners explanation: There were simply too few players to make the arrow-sports in Germany. Only about ten percent of the almost 12,000 reported players are female. “Also because television always and only men,” says the Association’s Chairman.

with the PDC rival British Darts Organisation (BDO) playing since the seventies, mixed and ladies Teams. Since 2001 the Lakeside tournament – a world Cup for women only. “The two tournaments are not comparable,” said the German national player Irina Armstrong, who had won in 2007, together with Dobromyslowa a double-title at a team competition. Instead of 500 000 euros in prize money, there are only 10 000 to 20 000 Euro. The 42-Year-old is frustrated after so many years: “in the past, I have taken Darts very much more serious. But if you see no future for you.”


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