In the Loveparade-the criminal process proposed by the Duisburg regional court and the proceedings against the ten defendants. The process would end without judgment. This was from a non-public legal conversation known to the trial counsel, prosecutors and the co-plaintiff lawyers requested.

While the defense is seeking the information according to a setting of the procedure, with no money constraints in the public Prosecutor’s office evidently appropriate conditions for the defendant in a future setting decision anchored. For a setting of the procedure, the consent of the public Prosecutor and the defenders would like to be necessary.

the court and the Prosecutor’s office would not comment on the content of the right conversation. On Thursday afternoon, the presiding judge wants to give the main content of the conversation during the main hearing, in a note.

“We know how hard it

in addition to lawsuit-lawyer Julius Reiter said,” it’ll go now is to create the setting decision, the basis for damage claims against the city and the country. “We know how difficult it is to determine the criminal responsibility of an Individual and to atone,” said Reiter, who represents a total of around 80 people Affected by the disaster.

rider turned against the proceedings without monetary conditions for the defendant. Such an approach would not be “appropriate”. In addition to action such as prosecution is of the opinion that the procedure could not be due to low guilt of the accused, but only because of a so – called “average debt” – and thus subject to conditions-set.

in Contrast, the defender Gerd-Ulrich Kapteina claimed that the allegations against his at the Duisburg city administration, employees, clients would not have confirmed in the process.

Loveparade-the method “I reckon that the process is set”

The conversation took place as usual in the right conversations – with the exclusion of the Public. It took part to the court information 24 defender, 26 co-plaintiff-representative, three prosecutors and three judges. Basically, it was the right call to take stock of the previous procedure and how it can go further.

have been heard in the mammoth process of 58 witnesses. In accordance with the law, call the lawyers will discuss with their clients the result of that. First of all, the taking of evidence in the process that takes place for reasons of space, a Congress centre düsseldorf trade fair should continue as planned. There should be a procedure setting, is likely to be a decision by the Duisburg criminal chamber in several weeks.

At the love parade on the 24. July 2010 in Duisburg, it was the only entry and exit to the venue in such a large crowd that 21 people were crushed and at least 652 injured. Are accused in the December 2017 ongoing process of six employees of the city of Duisburg and four of the organiser Lopavent.

The employees of the organizer should have scheduled an unsuitable entry and exit system. Employees of the city shall have approved the event to be unlawful. All ten are charged with negligent homicide and negligent assault.

Video: The love parade of Duisburg – An officially approved disaster?



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