The “national debate” to reconcile, when it comes to the French state, chief Emmanuel Macron, the deeply divided country. The 41-Year-old called on the French people to participate in large numbers in the rounds up to 15. March should take.

It was an unprecedented Initiative, wrote Macron on Sunday evening published a letter to the country, such as the Élyséepalast announced. The proposals should ultimately lead to a “new contract for the Nation”. In April, he will draw conclusions of the debate. “For me there are no forbidden questions,” wrote Macron.

“This is neither an election nor a Referendum,” he stated. Since may of 2017, the President announced that he would hold to the guidelines of his policy.

citizens to make proposals for reform

The “yellow West”protests, triggered crisis is the biggest challenge for the young head of state, whose popularity is sagging values. He expressed understanding for the discontent and anger of citizens: “I share this impatience.”

The major themes of the debate: taxes and public expenditure, state organization, environmental change and democracy – the issue of immigration. Macron listed in his letter of nearly three dozen individual questions. In doing so, he brought in the immigration “annual goals” to the game, which could be determined by the Parliament.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe wants to announce on Monday details of the procedure of the debate. From the Tuesday to the citizens should be able to Express their criticism and proposals for reform. Thousands of city halls in the country will play a Central role.

Some of the “yellow West” are calling for the resignation of Macron

last Saturday, 000 people on the streets were, according to official figures in the whole country 84. The “yellow vests” are turning against the reform policy of the centre government, some are calling for the resignation of Macrons. Again and again it came in the last two months of riots.

The French the prospects of success of the debate, will appreciate rather low. According to a survey for the channel France Info and the newspaper “Le Figaro” believe seven out of ten French people that the debate will not lead to useful measures.


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