The Diversity Manager of H&M, Annie Wu, wants to increase the awareness of each individual employee for the issue of diversity: “I think it is human nature to be biased – we all are shaped by our individual life experiences and our environment. This is nothing Bad. You have to be aware of the fact.”

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Annie Wu’s strategy envisages three stages: first, managers are supposed to be in Workshops on the issues involved. Secondly, professional biographies are examined. All employees must be clear how unimportant origin and appearance should be in order to achieve goals. Thirdly, there is more social Engagement. H&M had to contribute according to Wu, “to make society a little fairer”.

In an Interview with the MIRROR, Wu reports about how hard it is to define in a company with more than 170,000 employees in 71 markets, diversity. “Diversity at H&M means for us a Mix of very different people. And our task is to create the conditions that allow this Mix to work.”

In January, the Swedish fashion chain had released in her online shop a photo with a black boy wearing a hoodie with the inscription “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. As a result, appointed H&M is the lawyer Annie Wu, 41, a “Global Leader for Diversity and Inclusiveness”. Annie Wu said: “Diversity is a part of the DNA of H&M.” (click here to read the full Interview in the new MIRROR.)

“We all live in a tense atmosphere,” says Wu, “it’s about to be politically correct. The worst thing that can happen to us, is so that the people remain silent and not to be trusted, the problems out in the open.”

the Manager, who was born in Taiwan, and in New York, and grew up, as a long-term task: “This is a work that is honest, manner, never,” says Wu, “with the theme, I can employ me to loosen up to the pension.”

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