space is a world in transition. Unmanned and manned spaceflight in near-earth space up to geostationary Orbit at 36,000 kilometres, the cislunare space will be commercialized, including to the International space station.

The keyword for NewSpace. Only the moon and beyond (trans-lunar space) remains a domain of national activities. With NewSpace is currently being made worldwide to 470 billion dollars in sales – a strong upward trend. Mainly in the areas of: construction of satellites, rocket launches and applications in communication, earth observation and satellite navigation. It’s gold rush atmosphere and in addition to the classic paper Space News, the NewSpace Journal is your Herald.

Germany on the subject of NewSpace in the sleeping beauty

Only Europe and Germany in particular, are in a deep sleep. Your financial contribution in this disruptive market is negligible and the media and public interest is apparently so insignificant that there is not even a German Wikipedia entry. About the experts

former Astronaut Ulrich Walter, since March 2003, the chair of space technology at the Technical University of Munich and teaches and conducts research in the area of space technology and systems engineering. His main focus is on real-time robotics in space, inter-satellite communications are explorations of technologies and technologies for planetary.

Bavaria is to change that and in NewSpace involved. It began with the government Declaration of the Minister-President of Bavaria, Markus Söder, on 18. April 2018. Walter Ulrich As a science-Astronaut Walter Ulrich 1993 was in the space Where it says in point III: "Bayern must remain at the forefront of progress. … To this end, we make the space back to a Bavarian key technology and establish his own faculty at the TU in Ottobrunn. The focus of the new Bavarian space program Bavaria One. The goal is the development of unmanned, suborbital flight of the body, earth observation, and quantum sensors."

book review of Ulrich, Walter: A different view on the world! (2018)

Söder speaks clearly of unmanned space

Bavaria is One targets the heart of NewSpace. Unfortunately, it is so, that many Germans think of when the word space reflexively to manned flights to celestial bodies. Even parts of the media, which should know better. The Süddeutsche Zeitung quipped the day after the government’s statement in a cartoon, Söder intend well as an Astronaut, to meet on the moon, little green men. In Söder speaks explicitly of unmanned space travel.

was Directly commissioned after the government’s Declaration of the Bavarian Ministry of economic Affairs, Details of Bavaria One. I was part of the Strategy group, composed of ten fields of action, which is the basis of the decision of the Minister-formed Cabinet. It was communicated directly after the meeting to the Public and cashed in again, Häme. The SZ scoffed, for example: "Söder is aiming for the stars". For all who want to know rather precisely, here are the facts:

Bavaria is One of the ten action field, excellent research and development in universities and industry, as well as education and training are strengths. In particular, establishment of a TUM-faculty of aerospace and geodesy in Ottobrunn, near Munich.Bavaria as a leading location for Space-Start-Ups space to promote excited – the shop window space to Bayern to establish. In the Individual development of the Bavarian earth observation satellite BavariaSat with remotely controllable video camera Bavaria as a leading location for earth observation establish. Expansion of the Earth Observation center in Oberpfaffenhofen to the Big-Data – to- Earth Analysis center of expertise location satellite navigation & Galileo expansion of technology leadership in (Small)satellites, the strengthening of Bavarian competence in research, development and production of components for space travel.Bavaria as a leading location for the development and production of technologies for launchers establish information and quantum technologies for space travel strengths in space robotics and exploration technologies in Bavaria

develop The mission statement for Bavaria One is "space for the Benefit of society: For the earth!"

Bavaria is One is fitted created with 700 million Euro over the next 4 years, starting with 2019. The new air/space/geodesy-faculty should include a total of about 50 professors, with about 1000 students and is the largest of its kind in Europe. Book tip by Ulrich Walter: hell of a ride through space and time (2017)

the core objective of Bavaria One: small, efficient satellite

A key objective of Bavaria, One must have the competence to build smaller and thus more efficient satellites, with which we explore the conditions on the earth carefully and analyze.

An example: Nowadays, the fertility of the Fields with such earth observation data can be on the square. With satellite navigation-enabled tractors, it is ten to 17 percent less for precise fertilization, the yield increase of ten to 15 percent (data from the ESA).

it is no surprise that Bayern is interested in such a space application? This is not to aim for the stars, but tangible Benefits for our society. The Bavaria One.

book review of Ulrich, Walter: the black hole of hell (2016)

FOCUS Online/Glomex is Just sitting there and 16,500 euros earn: volunteers for Suspending study sought Walter Ulrich Bavaria One space, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

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