After the attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market, the number of victims has risen to four. According to the French Prosecutor’s office, another man had died of his injuries.

Two people, including a Thai Tourist, were killed in the attack immediately, a third after that, brain dead. Another victim died on Thursday. Whether it is the fourth death to the brain-dead, is not yet clear.

The 29-year-old Chérif Chekatt had allegedly opened on Tuesday evening in the city centre of Strasbourg, in the proximity of the Christmas market, the fire. For two days he was on the run, on Thursday evening, police shot him special (read below for a chronology of the access).

police are searching for accomplices

investigators search for possible accomplices. “The investigation will now continue, in order to identify potential accomplices and accomplice, the could to encourage him of the fact, or in the preparations helped,” said the Paris anti-terrorist Prosecutor Remy Heitz.

The terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) claimed the terrorist attack. The attacker was a soldier of the “Islamic state”, reported the IS-a mouthpiece for Amak. The authenticity of the message, at first did not check, but it has been distributed through the usual channels of the IS. Therefore, the authorities reacted with skepticism to the statement.

In the Alsatian metropolis and the boundaries of some normality returned: On Friday the arrangements of the traditional Christmas market opened under heavy security. He is visited every year by two million people. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has announced that an additional 1,800 soldiers for the protection of the Christmas markets in the whole country.


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