A 16-should be harmonious, loud no shortly before the breakthrough: The States stopped on Wednesday to change the Constitution, with the better digital equipment of the schools.

the Prime Minister decided on Wednesday at its conference in Berlin. Different than planned, a total of five billion euros will not be able to flow to Federal funding for computers and IT technology in order starting in January.

What does the decision mean in practice?

After the Bundestag had already agreed, should the Federal Council in its last meeting this year on may 14. December to vote on the proposed amendment to the basic law. However, the countries have unanimously decided that this vote not only perform, but to the mediation Committee call.

The aim of The present draft law should be fundamentally revised. Should be checked in addition, whether the digital Pact at all a basic change in the law is necessary. The fact that the schools desperately in need of a boost in the direction of digitization, no doubt, the länder, too. And the five billion Euro of the Federal government, would you also like to.

Why the Federal States to reject the amendment of the basic law then?

The fear that you have to submit the proposed amendment to the Constitution to many responsibilities to the Federal government. Several Prime Minister warned in the last days before a “unit school”, which could enforce the Federal government’s then – quite a bit of Exaggeration.

more Realistic is the fear that the money log on donors ‘ Federal certain desires, if he will provide in the future, billions for education programs. He could exercise as a result of political influence and the Federal States to interpret it as pressure and interference, because they would have to participate in the financing.

And they complain that they had been caught off guard with the draft law: Although the Federal government wants to take over the digital Pact 90 percent of the cost, in subsequent programs, however, it is only 50 percent – and had previously been not discussed. This share is especially for poorer countries too high, warn you of possible dependencies by the Federal government that may result from this. Therefore, the countries insist on the Federal structure, you alone and no one else – are responsible for education policy.

comment on the dispute for amendment of the basic law: lands, not you, so The Federal government wants to give more money to the school system, and the fundamental law of change. Several countries are reluctant to hand over. You do not want to purely talk. Too bad, says commentator Klovert Heike.

How are the reactions on the no. of the Prime Minister?

The German Association of towns and municipalities, the members of the school are in urgent need of the money from Berlin, waiting, disappointed, and spoke of a “Blockade the country”. Money for new equipment and technology is “a prerequisite, not the content of the school policy”.

Also, the German trade Union Confederation criticized the decision of the countries. Given the drastic under-funding of schools should be the Federal government, to Finance, in education, tweeted the Vice-chair Elke Hannack

For the Minister President of the Saarland country Manager, Tobias, Hans (CDU), defended the decision: “The amendment of the basic law has to do with the digital Pact.” Both of these will only be linked by the Federal government. Although he was ready, the Federal government and the Bundestag desired amendment to the Constitution to support, “but not so,” said Hans.

How it goes now with the digital Pact?

The Bundestag scheduled a release date of January 2019 is definitely off the table. Depending on how long the negotiations in the conciliation Committee between the Bundestag and the Bundesrat take, could delay the Start of the Pact well to several months.

For the schools this means that With some probability they are in the current school year, i.e., till the summer of 2019, no more money from the digital Pact. The do not need to stop it, to developing a digital concept for your lessons.

Because of the Pact is to come – about the Federation and the Länder, but also education experts agree. The big question remains, however, only once, when it starts really.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.