In the dispute over the termination of the former Director of the Stasi memorial in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen agreed Hubertus Knabe, and the Foundation of the memorial on a comparison. He had been closed in order to charge the “successful work of the memorial by lengthy legal disputes,” said the Senate administration for culture and Europe on Friday. The content of the comparison, and nothing was known.

the boy had been dismissed after an affair to be sexual harassment. The Deputy Director of the memorial, Helmuth Frauendorfer, is accused of sexual harassment of employees. The Board of Trustees in which, among other things, the Senate of Berlin is represented, announced a boy because of the allegations at the end of September neat, and gave him in addition, for the duration of the commissioned internal inquiry provisionally.

in Contrast, a boy went by unfair dismissal claim. In Parallel, he obtained a court order in summary proceedings, that he first of all up to its regular termination date on December 31. March 2019, may continue to work. At the end of November, the Board of Trustees advised the now finished the inquiry report and further action in the light of his actions.

According to the Senate administration for culture, he decided to dismiss the boy, now with immediate effect as a Director and the Board of management. Various violations of the law, which were also breaches of duty of the Board of management, as well as the “breakdown” of the relationship of Trust had no other choice. At the same time, the Board of Trustees has lodged an appeal against the boy obtained the court decision.

Against this Background, the court decided to put the boy obtained a temporary injunction to return to his job provisionally. The Board of Trustees have made a “credible” that he had decided Knabes dismissal on the basis of the results of the investigation report. He also explained that employees would still have “great fear” in front of the applicant.

The judges came to their own information, therefore, to the conclusion that it is in the overall interest and is also reasonable for the boy was not initially on his return to the workplace. This is true until about the contradiction of the Foundation against the boy obtained the permission of the court to be decided.

The memorial site Berlin-Hohenschönhausen is located in the notorious former prison of the state security (Stasi) of the GDR, the operation from 1951 until 1989. In the prison, especially political prisoners were imprisoned. Many have been physically and mentally tortured.


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