the separation of The Amazon chief, Jeff Bezos, his wife MacKenzie could have for the Mulitmilliardär severe financial consequences. As the US news site CNN reported, could Bezos, the richest man in the world to collapse, due to the loss of company shares, a large part of its assets.

the reason for the divorce to be legal in the U.S. state of Washington, where the residence of Bezos and the company headquarters of Amazon are located. It says, according to CNN, all acquired during the marriage assets in the event of a divorce, divided equally.

This could also relate to the shares of the 1994, founded the Internet giant Amazon; Bezos and MacKenzie have been married since 1993. Divorce attorneys, it is likely that Bezos’ wife is involved in half of the approximately 137 billion-Dollar interests of your spouse.

MacKenzie Bezos could be the richest woman in the world

the couple Should have taken at the time of marriage to the contrary, could MacKenzie Bezos will be on a strike, the richest woman in the world. With a total of eight percent of the company’s shares, the influence of Bezos’ wife would, in future, the group would be low.

Because, unlike Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos holds around 16 per cent to a comparatively low shares in the company on Amazon. His decision-making power in the group stirred, rather, by his long-term leadership position.

A divorce dispute between the more than 25 years of married spouses is also considered to be unlikely. Bezos and his wife MacKenzie had taught in a common Twitter Post on Wednesday the impression of a consensual separation. “We had such a great life together as a married Couple, and we also see a wonderful future as parents, friends, and partners in companies and projects”

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