The Democratic Republic of the Congo is looking for a successor for the duration of President Joseph Kabila. Been around for voting on the Sunday, it always came back to the government in the vast country seems to share the access to the Internet lock.

The access had been interrupted “on the instructions of the government for an indefinite period of time,” said the Internet operator Global on Monday to the news Agency AFP in Kinshasa. Similar to representatives of major Internet companies, Vodacom and Airtel expressed. The Opposition was alarmed and warned the government against electoral fraud.

The Internet lock is started when the first election results from the voting offices of the vast country were published via Twitter. The access to the network, as well as to social media on Monday is not possible, as AFP correspondents reported from Kinshasa, Goma, Beni and Lubumbashi. Correspondence via SMS, was on Monday morning it will still be possible.

The Secretary-General of the influential Catholic bishops ‘ conference, Donatien Nshole, regretted the Internet lock. The Team of the opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu accused the government of, by means of the Internet Blackout the “overwhelming victory” to want to Fayulus disguise.

In the district of Walungu in the province of South Kivu, it was announced on Sunday an outbreak of violence. An employee of the electoral Commission and a policeman have been killed in the process. Previously a have lot brought the poll workers accused of influencing the vote, said the Commission Chairman Corneille Nangaa on Sunday evening. The staff have tried, to repair a voting machine. The crowd got him lynched, then the COP had died. The activist Patient Bashombe the dpa news Agency reported a third dead in Walungu, as the police had opened fire.

voting machines is broken, queues in front of the Local

In the Eastern Congo, armed rebels forced the closure of some polling stations, in the South-Western province of Mai-Ndombe-ravaged applied to the human polls, because ballots were missing. Around 540 voting machines failed, some polling stations remained unanswered, even after the official closing time, because voters were waiting in a long queue in front of it on your vote. Election observers of the Catholic Bishop’s conference registered 194 violence incidents.

even before the election was to come in those regions of unrest, in which the voting for about 1.2 million people to March 2019. The electoral Commission justifies this with an Ebola outbreak and threat of terrorism. Nevertheless, the successor to the authoritarian ruling Kabila on 18. January will be sworn in.

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Almost 39 million citizens were called with more than two-year delay to the election of a successor to the President. Which party did the former interior Minister, Emmanuel ramazani was the photographer Shadary as a candidate.

the real opportunities were given to Shadary, at best, the opposition candidate, Felix Tshisekedi and Martin Fayulu. Kabila’s candidate Shadary claimed before the polls closed, the victory. A preliminary result of the presidential election is according to the independent electoral Commission 6. January will be announced.


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