Italy’s 82-year-old Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wants to run according to its own information in the European elections in may. Him a sense of responsibility guide.

“In my beautiful age, I’ve opted out of a sense of responsibility, to go to Europe, where an in-depth thought to the future of the world is missing,” said Berlusconi at a rally of his Forza Italia party.

2013 due to tax fraud sentenced

Berlusconi may, for the first time to compete again in an election. In the past year, a Milan court overturned the against him for tax fraud, imposed for political office ban. In the case of the Italian parliamentary elections in March, he was still locked.

In 2013, he had been due to tax fraud, convicted, and had my community service in a retirement home. He lost by the judgment of his seat in the upper house of the Italian Parliament and received the ban to six years in office to be elected.

Berlusconi said he expected to be able to voters to convince, “that we run the risk of removing us from the Western values”. Europe could be dominated, therefore, “of a Chinese Empire, whose Beliefs and values are at odds with our own”.

The poll numbers of his party fall: Forza Italia came in recent surveys, only about ten per cent, and well behind the right-wing Lega Nord party of Italy, Vice-head of government Matteo Salvini.


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