Theresa May on Monday before a certain defeat in the house of Commons and had to be cancelled, therefore the actually, Tuesday’s scheduled Brexit vote. Now the British Prime Minister when the EU wants to encourage colleagues to concessions. May first meets in The Hague, the Dutch head of government Mark Rutte, then in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).

the EU President Donald Tusk called after the cancellation of the vote in a Brexit summit for Thursday to take place on the margins of the regular summit of the heads of state and government in Brussels. There will be no renegotiations of the exit agreement, stated Tusk. However, the EU is ready to talks about, “how the British ratification can be facilitated”.

May want to test the waters in Berlin, on what concessions they can hope for. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert stressed that Merkel will receive the May “at the request of the British side” – a rather unusual formulation.

In the Video: “Even by British standards, unusually”


In the Parliament in May had announced that she was going to present their EU-colleagues, the “significant concerns” of the British house of Commons, and “further assurances” from Brussels to demand. The Prime Minister is in a dilemma:

The 27 other EU States have made it clear that you do not want to negotiate the tedious between Brussels and London negotiated exit agreement. The British MPs are calling for Changes, particularly in the arrangements for the future border between Ireland and Northern Ireland – the so-called Backstop.

The time window for a controlled Brexit is getting smaller and smaller. The British Parliament is between the age of 20. December and 7. January will not come together. There’s a vote to exit the agreement between the Brexit-the summit and the 20. December seems unlikely, it is likely to take place according to the current condition until next year. United Kingdom will escape in March from the EU.


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