The President of the German swimming Association (DSV) Gabi Dörries came back to the conference in Bonn as a surprise. Also your Vice-President for Finance, Andrea Thiel house, resigned with immediate effect from her position.

Both Officers, the consequences of the course of the meeting of the Dörries-driven Reform had been stopped with the increase of member contributions as the Central component for the time being moved. “By today’s decisions, I don’t see any Basis for further work in the Position of the President,” said doerries.

What was?

she had begun only two years ago, the successor Christa Thiel. Even then, as a reformer, the applicable Dörries had been bogged down in the quest for more funding. Your electoral program consisted of three major topics: a new Constitution, a new financial concept and a new marketing concept. The Association is stronger with own resources, had planned an increase of the DSV’s share of the annual membership fees by 60 cents to € 1.40.

the new Statute a number of state associations with the help of some additional applications. The discussion on the planned increase in the contribution rate, however, was postponed after a request by the Baden swimming Association and the swimming Association of Württemberg, to the next ordinary General Assembly in may 2019.

after the establishment of a comprehensive set of financial statements for the year 2018 and the insight into the total budget of the conference property, plant, and could discuss intelligently on adjustments to premium income, it said in the application. Some of the associations of fear of possible losses of grants by the state policy. In addition, one fears, to stay on top of the costs due to the increase in the contribution rate to sit. The DSV is struggling in the Wake of the sports performance reform with the German Olympic sports Confederation (DOSB) and the Ministry of interior for every Euro.

what’s next?

In the Association world Cup, the shops just before the beginning of the short track from the 11. December in China, initially by the Vice-President Uwe Brinkmann and Wolfgang Hein, the Director of sports performance Thomas Kurschilgen, as well as the Chairman of the German swimming youth, Kai Morgenroth.

what have been the reactions?

From the performance sport, there was considerable criticism. “I am very sorry that Gabi Dörries has resigned. She has done a lot of Good and always exclusively in the will of the athletes traded,” said athletes ‘ spokesperson, Jacob Heidtmann, of the MIRROR. Heidtmann has become as a swimmer at the Swim-Team Stadtwerke Elmshorn large, the Association, in which Dörries long before the presidency has been engaged.

The former athletes spokeswoman Dorothea Brandt wrote under the Heading “you are making our Sport is broken!” on their Facebook page, the decisions were “a slap in the face of the German swimming sport”. The electorate would have laid “the Foundation stone for the end of the performance sports in the DSV” and “the preparations of the national teams to the Olympic games in acute danger.”

Two years Dörries have tried to structure the Association, to prepare it for the future, Brandt says. It am always being asked, why the German sport of swimming is currently so unsuccessful. “Today, the Question did get a response,” wrote the two-time short track European champion.

The mood was very depressing,” said President Wolfram Sperling from the Saxon swimming Association. “What makes for a picture during German Olympic sports Confederation, DOSB and the German Federal Ministry of the interior, don’t like, I imagine.”


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