US President Donald Trump’s own words from a soon-to-be Meeting with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un. Such a meeting will “give in the not too distant future,” said Trump on Wednesday in front of journalists. In addition, he said, to have a “great” letter from the North Korean. For Details, Trump is not called.

Trump and Kim had met in June in Singapore – it was the first US-North Korean summit in decades. Trump had declared at the beginning of December, another Meeting with Kim in January or in February is possible.

Kim had threatened the United States on new year’s day with a the end of the relaxation policy, if the U.S. government keeps its sanctions against the Communist country. He was fixed firmly to the nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula, but the United States measures, in order to speed up the process, Kim declared in a televised speech.


…Should the United States pressure, could be the country to find new Ways to preserve the sovereignty. At the same time, Kim hinted for the first time that North Korea might be willing to produce nuclear weapons. To be a Meeting with Trump, he is ready at any time.


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