The planned withdrawal of the US military out of Syria had from the beginning, chaotic. The first President, Donald Trump had announced, immediately all the soldiers withdraw. Then the government restricted these statements. The measures seem to have begun: The military has withdrawn a part of his equipment.

A defence spokesman confirmed corresponding media reports. For more Details, he did not want to call. The news channel CNN had previously reported that the laying of the material did not mean the beginning of the US withdrawal from Syria.

U.S. President Donald Trump had just before Christmas surprised with its announcement. He wanted to perform this step, since the fight against the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) was obtained. In Protest against the announcement by the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis had stepped back.

Since then, the US President has restricted his announcement. So he wrote at the beginning of the week on Twitter, the deduction should be done “gently” and in a “reasonable pace”. The schedule is unclear.

According to CNN, the defense Ministry intends to signal with the laying of the Material to the President that it is pursuing with its specifications.


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