The migrants on Board the blocked rescue ship, the German aid organization, the Sea-Watch may after almost two weeks on Land. Seven EU countries had agreed to the inclusion of migrants willing to, said Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. “Luxembourg has joined the list of friendly countries that have responded to our invitation (the migrants).”

In the coming hours can begin, according to Conte, therefore, the Disembarkation of the migrants. In addition to Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Malta, Romania, Portugal and France have said the intake of refugees from the ship.

Earlier, the European court of human rights Italy, the migrants on the “Sea-Watch 3” as soon as possible medical support, food and drinks. The ship had on 19. January 47 migrants from Libya resumed and was last updated several days prior to the Sicilian coast near Syracuse, the anchor – it was not allowed to enter the port. Where the migrants go to the country and whether the ship in Syracuse is allowed to create, is open.

Sea Watch: “distribution issues in the country

” The populist government in Rome has since its inauguration in the summer of last year, already several rescue, the entrance to the ships denied in the ports of the country. It insists on a just distribution of the migrants on the countries of the EU. However, the EU is unable to agree for years.

“distribution issues must be resolved on Land, and even if it should now give you a solution, it remains a moral and a political Declaration of bankruptcy by the EU States,” said Sea Watch spokesman Ruben Neugebauer. Also on Board are 13 minors and 22 crew members. The sanitary conditions deteriorated in the past few days tremendously. The crew of the ship reported that health problems of migrants.

Italy’s right-wing interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, had insisted that the migrants are brought to the Netherlands or Germany, because the “Sea-Watch 3” sails under the Dutch flag and a German NGO.

Italy and the EU to support guard the Libyan coast, in order for these migrants in distress at sea back in the civil war in the country. Serious abuses threaten the people in the Camps.

New York Times Video shows a refugee tragedy: “It is murder”



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