The EU aid for agriculture so that more and more, mainly small farms are dying – and in all member countries. The this year, the Agricultural Atlas, the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, the FEDERAL government, and Le Monde diplomatique present in Berlin on Wednesday and was able to view the LEVEL pre-shows.

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The Band, which lists use of “data and facts on the EU-agriculture”, comes at the right time. The EU will be discussed for months on a Reform of its agricultural policy, starting in 2021. The most controversial Element, however, is the extensive coupling of most of the direct payments to the Firms, should, in principle, be maintained – also at the Insistence of Germany.

This policy has led to the fact that the EU citizens are already fed now less and less by the courts. Since 2008, the number of farms increased with more than 100 hectares, 16 per cent. They make up only three percent of all farms, cultivate more than half of the total usable area.

Federal citizens would promote small farms

From 2003 to 2013, a quarter of all agricultural holdings in the EU, in Bavaria alone, 13.860 farms have died in the past eight years. Only about half of the more than 270,000 German farms can feed their owner, the other 50 percent will be entered only in the sideline.

want to promote, the Germans, the majority of smaller farms instead of agricultural factories. Almost three-quarters of the respondents wish for greater state support of medium-sized and smaller enterprises, found out the opinion research Institute Forsa in November.

“We need to move away from flat-rate Area payment”, calls for Christian entrepreneurial, agricultural expert of the FEDERAL government, “and the funding put to good use for the preservation of peasant farms and an eco-friendly and animal-friendly agriculture.”

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