The Swiss have voted on whether farmers should be rewarded, not cattle decrease your milk the horns. According to preliminary estimates, more than half of the Participants in the vote, rejected on Sunday the project. Proponents of the Initiative had argued that cows with horns are probably happier than other dogs, which they are already capped in the calves age. In addition, the Ablation of the cornea is buds painful for the animals. The Initiator of the referendum, the Swiss Bauer Armin Capaul, had demanded that each farmer should receive per day and per cow with a Horn, a CHF.

Scientifically, the benefits and drawbacks of dehorning is not clearly clarified. A study by the University of Kassel States that the Horn is an important instrument of communication, with the cow in the herd, files, and hierarchies respected. In addition, cows with horns go, therefore, physical confrontations rather out of the way: the Horn as a deterrent weapon, the horn-less animals conflicts more often with head bumps. The result of hematomas and rib fractures, according to a study by the Swiss Federal research Institute Agroscope often.

Horn of the adversaries argue with risks of injury

opponents of the Initiative for the Horn of the premium, including the farmers Association, made the claim that an adult animal with sharp horns could be a deadly danger for the people. Again and again it come to injuries. In Switzerland, only ten percent of the approximately 1.5 million head of cattle have horns also; in some breeds they are bred out of these.

the Swiss government, for reasons of cost against subsidisation of cow horns. According to estimates at least 15 million Swiss francs (13 million euros), the horns would have been help needed. On the other, the Federal Council, which fought the Initiative also relied on animal welfare: He feared that farmers, who are attracted by the Horn-premium, could again put to horned cows – and then in the stable staking, to prevent accidents.

How many of the twelve million cattle in Germany still wear the Horn, is not known. According to the milk industry Association, the theme is up to date. “Of course, questions on For and against in the rearing of cattle are discussed, with and without horns,” said speaker Björn börger man the German press Agency before the vote in Switzerland. Cattle were, however, no stuffed animals. “For the pet owner there is an increased hazard potential in the work with horned animals and, of course,” said börger man.

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