Shown above is the head office of AhnLab located south of Seoul. The cyber security company has introduced features for monitoring the deep and dark web to its AhnLab Tip platform. Photo courtesy of AhnLab

AhnLab TIP will be featured with new weapons

South Korea’s leading cyber security company AhnLab announced on Aug. 29 that it had introduced features for monitoring the deep and dark web (DDW) to its AhnLab Tip platform.

The platform will now collect and process various cyber security threats from the deep web & dark web, and underground forums to provide advanced threat intelligence.

The deep web refers to a network of websites that cannot be collected with existing search engines. This includes those that have been made for ordinary purposes but are not accessible externally, such as a corporate intranet.

The dark web alludes to websites in the deep web that exist in encrypted networks which can only be accessed via special programs or browsers. They are mostly used to conduct secret or illegal activities.

Recently, the internet has seen a rise in criminal activities such as illegal information sharing and malware trading around the dark web that promotes cybercrimes.

Amidst the trend, AhnLab has upgraded the threat intelligence capability of AhnLab TIP with the deep web & dark web data curation feature.

The personnel in charge of the organization’s security can use the DDW monitoring feature to check the information related to major security threats gathered from anonymous networks and inaccessible communities.

“Recently, the internet has seen an increase in the distribution of various security threats across the DDW. As such, the demand for threat intelligence is also on the rise as clients wish to equip themselves with the means of preemptive response,” AhnLab’s Product Service Planning Team leader Kim Chang-hee said.

“AhnLab is planning to offer in-depth curation for security threat information in the DDW.”

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