Shown above is the head office of cyber security company AhnLab in South Korea. The firm has come up with AhnLab MDS Agent Managed Service. Photo courtesy of AhnLab

New service equipped with sandbox analysis and file execution holding features

South Korea’s leading cyber security company AhnLab said on May 22 that it had launched AhnLab MDS Agent Managed Service to tap into the prominent market.

The company said that the service was designed to analyze and respond to suspicious files executed on customer PCs installed with MDS Agent without the need to set up separate devices.

“As security threats that target corporate PCs via malicious files of various types are becoming more prevalent, AhnLab has presented a service that can enhance response capabilities against new variant threats while reducing the burden of management,” the firm said.

“AhnLab revealed the launch of AhnLab MDS Agent Managed Service that analyzes and responds to suspicious files executed in the endpoints like PCs within an organization without the need to set up large-scale devices.”

The newly released MDS Agent Management is an MDS Agent, the exclusive agent for AhnLab MDS.

When a suspicious file is executed on a PC, this service temporarily stops the execution and checks if the file is malicious or not, according to AhnLab.

MDS Agent is a lightweight agent capable of detecting suspicious files and sending them to AhnLab MDS. It is also equipped with the execution holding feature that stops the execution until the files have been analyzed.

“You can enhance the security level of your PC by using MDS Agent Management with a basic security solution such as anti-malware: the two complement each other as the former prevents unknown and new malicious file variants while the latter can respond to known strains,” the official said.

“In addition, you are instantly provided with the service just by installing MDS Agent on your PC without needing special devices.”

Established in 1995, AhnLab has grown into one of the global leaders in cyber threat analysis. It has delivered comprehensive protection for endpoints, networks, transactions, and other services.

Its customer base includes more than 25,000 organizations.