Shown above is the diagram for the AhnLab EDR 2.0 with enhanced threat visibility and usability. Photo courtesy of AhnLab

New version comes with advanced usability and threat visibility

South Korea’s leading cyber security company AhnLab announced on Nov. 1 that the outfit had come up with a new version of AhnLab EDR with enhanced threat visibility and usability.

As cyber threats continue evolving, the company noted that AhnLab EDR 2.0 would effectively combat and protect customers against them. 

AhnLab said that the latest version could be described as the complete package of services and features reflecting our customers’ needs.

Included in the program and its various advantages are MDR service, an EDR-exclusive engine, an exclusive console, and frictionless interoperation.

“The MDR service delivers real-time threat monitoring, high priority threat analysis and response, analysis report, and monthly statistics,” an AhnLab official said.

“The premium MDR service contains even more advanced capabilities such as a wider range of log analysis, creation and management of custom detection rules reflecting current security events and business status.”

AhnLab said that the second version was equipped with features for the optimized response, including user-defined rules and automatic response. 

“We launched the new version of AhnLab EDR to resolve our customers’ actual pain points such as operational complexity and skills shortage,” AhnLab Vice President Vincent Lee said.

“By enabling them to take advantage of the fundamentals of EDR, including threat monitoring, data collection, and response to their maximum capacity, we will ensure their operational efficiency and business resilience.”

Established in 1995, AhnLab has grown into one of the global leaders in cyber threat analysis. It has delivered comprehensive protection for endpoints, networks, transactions, and other services.

More than 25,000 organizations depend on AhnLab’s products and services.

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