Shown above is Rozy-the-virtual-influencer, who appeared in a local radio program to become the first AI character to do so in South Korea. Photo courtesy of Naver

Rozy-the-virtual-influencer makes history

Rozy debuted midway through 2020 in South Korea to win the hearts and minds of fans. But Rozy was not an ordinary star _ she was an artificial intelligence character.

Ever since her debut, she has appeared in a total of 15 advertisements for such major enterprises as insurer Shinhan Life and the world’s top ginseng maker Korea Ginseng Corporation.

She also played for a web drama and even started a career as a singer early this year. Rozy-the-virtual-influencer attracted more than 120,000 followers through her Instagram account.

And now she goes down in history by appearing on a local radio program on May 8.

“I am 22 years old, and I never age,” she said. “I hope to sing a song in a meeting where I will invite my fans.”

Sidus Studio X, which created Rozy, said that Rozy would play a more active role as now she can speak.

“Rozy has mostly appeared in advertisements and social networking sites. But as now she speaks, she will be able to work as a radio DJ or live commerce MC,” a Sidus Studio official said.

Her voice was based on the Naver Clova technology, an AI platform developed by South Korea’s top internet company Naver.

The Seoul-based company said that it would continue to cooperate with Rozy and extend the usage of Clova’s AI voice technology.

Encouraged by the success of Rozy, many South Korean companies have come up with similar digital characters.

Samsung Electronics has joined hands with local system integrator CJ OliveNetworks to make NEON, which communicated with visitors during the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020 and 2021.

LG Electronics showed Reah Keem, while game publisher Smilegate’s Han Yua also attracted interest.

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