As of Apr. 9 09:10 A.M., HANJINKAL was at a bullish 9.54 percent compared with yesterday, to 33,300 won. It had increased 24.02 percent through the past month.

Compared with its close competitors within the same industry, KOSPI, the monthly earnings rate of HANJINKAL was the highest and its volatility over one month was also the highest.

Comparing industry to the market, the KOSPI industry including HANJINKAL records higher volatility and earning rate than Financials. In other words, the industry exceeded the market with momentum.

Foreigners sell

From Apr. 01, Institutions have been continuously selling HANJINKAL during the past six trading days. As a shareholding sum by the investor group for the past four weeks, Foreigners have sold 1,061,044 shares with the maintenance of a selling position and Institutions have sold 1,260,210 shares with a selling trend.

However, during the same period, Individuals have bought 1,610,574 shares with an increasing position.

Regarding the statistics for the past month on trade volume as the total outstanding shares, the daily turnover rate of HANJINKAL was 1.7 percent. The daily volatility during the same period is 8.88 percent, so the range of rise and fall has been high.

As per the inquiry for shareholding by the investor group, the major investor group is Individuals with 66.19 percent from total outstanding shares.

Institutions and Foreigners each hold 19.34 percent and 11.35 percent. And as recent five-day shareholding change by the investor group, Individuals is the major investor group with 75.98 percent. Institutions hold 12.68 percent and Foreigners hold 9.38 percent.


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Artificial intelligence algorithm of ThinkPool automatically produced this article, which is edited with Google Grammarly.