As of Apr. 24 10:10 A.M., Paradise increased 2.7 percent, compared with yesterday, to 19,050 won. It had increased 7.63 percent through the past month.

Compared with its close competitors within the same industry, KOSDAQ, the monthly earnings rate of Paradise was considerably higher than that of its peer group’s, but its volatility within 1 month was the lowest.

Comparing industry to the market, the KOSDAQ industry including Paradise records lower volatility and earning rate than Entertainment·Culture. In other words, the industry had less volatility and the returns were also smaller than the market.

Target price 26,000 won

Per analysts’ expectations during the recent month, the average target price of Paradise is 26,000 won. The stock price is 19,050 won as of yesterday, so there is 6,950 won (36 percent) disparate in order to be able to increase.

Foreigners buy

While Institutions have been selling Paradise during the past 6 trading day, Foreigners have been buying during the past 12 trading day. As a shareholding sum by the investor group for the past 4 weeks, Foreigners have bought 796,134 shares.

However, during the same period, Institutions have sold 579,916 shares with dominant selling and Individuals have sold 255,468 shares as they turn toward a selling stance.

Regarding the statistics for the past month on trade volume as the total outstanding shares, the daily turnover rate of Paradise was 0.67 percent. The daily volatility during the same period is 0 percent, so the fluctuation of price range has been low.

As per the inquiry for shareholding by the investor group, the major investor group is Individuals with 62.35 percent from total outstanding shares.

Institutions and Foreigners each hold 19.88 percent and 16.61 percent. And as recent 5-day shareholding change by the investor group, Individuals is the major investor group with 61.57 percent. Foreigners hold 19.12 percent and Institutions hold 18.44 percent.


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Artificial intelligence algorithm of ThinkPool automatically produced this article, which is edited with Google Grammarly.