Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President Sebastian Seung/Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Sebastian Seung talks about AI research at the Korean tech giant

Since its foundation in early 1969, Samsung Electronics has become the foremost company in Korea. In fact, it achieved the feat of becoming the world’s No. 1 maker of memory chips and mobile phones over the past half-century.

During the next 50 years, the Seoul-based strives to depend on artificial intelligence (AI) to remain ahead of the pack, according to its chief research scientist Sebastian Seung.

Seung, who was a professor at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Department of Computer Science, joined Samsung Electronics in 2018 to lead the tech giant’s research on potential-loaded AI.

Topping other things off, Seung expected that robots would be the first business that will benefit from the fast development of AI.

In 20-30 years, robots will be able to work in the home just as humans cat. It will have happened the same way that the mobile phone revolution has happened,” the renowned scientist said.

Everybody has a mobile phone now- billions of them are sold every year – and the same is going to be true of robots.”

Along the same line, Seung expected that home automation would be a primary application of AI.

In the future, you can imagine robots that won’t just give you weather information or change the temperature – they’ll perform far more helpful tasks in your home,” he said.

They’ll pick up the toys, wash the dishes and even take the laundry up and down the stairs.”

With regard to the driver-less cars, the executive vice president projected that the technology would eventually become mainstream although it is hard to say when it would be.

AI is going to lead to a lot of labor-saving things happening in people’s everyday lives, like autonomous cars, for instance,” he said.

Are they going to be here next year, or will it take 20 years? Experts are realizing that full autonomy will take longer than the media originally portrayed, but most still believe that it will be achieved. I’d like to see Samsung have some part in that revolution, if not lead that revolution.”


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