since the beginning of the year, more than eight million inhabitants of Bangkok are suffering from extremely poor air quality. On the streets of the Thai capital’s chronic congestion. Thousands of old Diesel buses are on the road. The many car fumes trigger according to experts, the Smog.

Because of the bad air, tens of thousands of students in Thailand’s capital city until next week, have free even school. The city Council ordered on Wednesday that the lessons of more than 400 public schools, is terminated with immediate effect due to the air pollution.

The so-called air quality Index is crossing the mark of 150. From this point on, the Outdoors is considered to be “unhealthy”. On Wednesday, the figure was 183. In the meantime, Bangkok is one of the ten cities with the world’s worst air.

The Ministry of health recommended even to dispense with incense, which are traditionally lit at the many Buddhist temples of the capital. In addition, many ethnic Chinese Thais to burn during the upcoming Chinese new year, no paper. Actually, this happiness.

students in Bangkok

In the United States are, however, closed hundreds of schools because of the Arctic temperatures. Millions of people in the Midwest of the USA have to adjust to an extreme cold wave with temperatures of minus 34 degrees Celsius and below.

The National weather service (NWS) warned of “life-threatening, Arctic winds” and “felt” temperatures of around minus 45 degrees Celsius. “These are very dangerous conditions that can result in less than five minutes to frostbite on unprotected skin,” tweeted the NWS office in Minneapolis.

Approximately 212 million inhabitants would be expected until Thursday, with values below the freezing point, it said. Responsible for the “Arctic cold” is the so-called polar vortex, a Band of cold westerly winds that circles normally over the North pole.


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