The US has killed, according to US President Donald Trump, the suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists Jamal al-Badawi. Washington considers the man for the mastermind of a terrorist attack on the warship USS Cole in front of more than 18 years, in which several U.S. soldiers were killed.

U.S. forces had performed on Tuesday in Yemen air attack. It is the U.S. armed forces was after information, first of all, it is not clear whether al-Badawi was killed. Now, Trump wrote on Twitter: “Our great military has the hero of justice that we have lost in the cowardly attack on the USS “Cole” and were wounded.”

the attack on the US destroyer USS “Cole” in October 2000

The United States have planned to accuse Al-Badawi, the attack on the US destroyer in October 2000 in the Yemeni port city of Aden. At the time, two suicide bombers had blown themselves up near the ship in the air, and 17 American soldiers in the death of her. Al-Badawi had already been twice arrested in Yemen, he was able to break out of the castle.


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