MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend research center chief Kang Heung-bo is explaining the firm’s new asset management platform ALAP to its customers at the MakeIt head office in Seoul. ALAP is short of All Life Asset Platform. Photo courtesy of MakeIt-ETF Trend

MakeIt-Korea ETF Trend launches new investment platform

MakeIt, which operates the Korea ETF Trend brand, has recently launched a unique and dedicated asset management platform, dubbed All Life Asset Platform (ALAP).

The Seoul-headquartered outfit said on Oct. 23 that customers had visited its head office to learn how to use the all-in-one platform based on artificial intelligence-powered solutions.

And participants in the sessions could have a chance to try ALAP, whose algorithm is incorporated into the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, by investing with virtual money.

MakeIt said that ALAP is designed to enable folks to trade shares on the back of recommended strategies and get financial education simultaneously.

Unlike other devices, which just offer advice whether to buy or sell specific shares, ALAP lets me select a customized strategy,” said a participant with a surname of Lee.

MakeIt founding CEO Park Soo-in said that ALAP will help newcomers into the investment market make efficient decisions.

The number of retail investors near 1 million in the Korean market. In particular, more and more women and senior citizens rush to the stock market,” Park said.

In this climate, the demand for convenient investment tools would keep going up. The advent of ALAP will be able to help meet the rising demand.”

The virus pandemic led Korea’s central bank to cut down on the key rate to a record-low 0.5 percent this year. This prompts people to enter the stock market.

ALAP sold out as soon as its debut in late September, according to MakeIt. The firm is scheduled to accept pre-orders for the devices soon while holding the explanatory sessions periodically.