as Soon as this Friday, thousands of fans of Johnny Hallyday will buy his latest album My country it is love a little everywhere in France. The more faithful, for their part, have been able to recover during the night drive the most anticipated of the year.

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fans the most loyal of the “taulier” chose the night to acquire his latest opus : from 0: 01 a.m. Friday, they were about two hundred to get the precious sesame, some in multiple copies, and in the three available editions (CD single, CD collector limited edition with booklet and vinyl) in the Fnac Champs-Elysees in Paris, specially opened for the occasion. A handful of fans had begun to queue up along barriers installed on the sidewalk at around 21: 30. At midnight past one minute, the police service of Fnac has left first twenty customers to enter the store. Every ten minutes, it was the turn of thirty additional people to be ” liberated “.

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For some of them, in tears, the moment was even stronger than the last time they had had an appointment with Johnny, it was the December 9, 2017, the day on which it was paid a vibrant tribute popular, the Champs-Élysées up to the church of the Madeleine, by hundreds of thousands of fans. “I liked Johnny. Out of respect, I wanted to be there. I was on the Fields in December, it was important to return there. At the time, I had spent the night outside in front of The Madeleine. This is the first time in my life that I did it “, testified Edith, 50 years old.

For the disk, the most anticipated of the year – with the rock, blues and rockabilly in songs that the singer wanted to tailored to the stages – of other outlets have also carried out a night in the rest of France. Among them, a centre Leclerc Olivet near Orleans, or even a Cultura at Claye-Souilly (Seine-et-Marne), where animations had begun to 22 hours with bikers and tower of song a dead ringer for the rocker.

“Last gift”

other signs that usually do not sell cultural products like Simply Market, or Atac, will be on Friday morning this album, the marketing of which has been rendered uncertain for two months by a court action seniors Laura Smet et David Hallyday, who demanded a right of scrutiny – ultimately refused by the tribunal de grande instance of Nanterre.

Like all the fans, Frederick Haenel, 38-year-old vehicle driver of work] (the Low-Rhine), which has a museum of the star at him, waiting with impatience to discover the album, pre-ordered on the Internet and which must be delivered in their mailbox on Friday morning. “If my boss allows me, I will go to the opening of stores in search for a second, before going to work to have it also in my car. For us, it is a way to be aware that he is no longer among us. This is the last gift to his fans, î he told.

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even Before its official sale, in My country it is the love was certain to be “a platinum record, nothing with the pre-sales,” was announced Monday, Thierry Chassagne, boss of the record label Warner Music France. A certification which corresponds to 100 000 copies. “We want the best, as each time with Johnny Hallyday. We hope to be able to sell the maximum, ” he added, without, however, disclosing the quantified target for this album. “The success that can meet this drive, it is very hard to appreciate. There are plenty of things that you don’t control. It may very well sell 600 000 as a million and a half. It is the public who will decide, ” he argued to the Agency France-Presse a few hours of opening sales.

Proof of stake is colossal around the album, Laeticia Hallyday, if discreet, since it is engaged in a court battle around the testament american Johnny who disinherits his profit Laura Smet et David Hallyday, will ensure the promotion to television news 20 hours TF1.

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And she did not wait to send a first message in the form of dedication of love to Johnny on his accounts Instagram and Twitter : “To thee, our love, To your love, To the fury of living, To freedom of thinking, To your music, I love you for always “.

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to you, To our loves, With your loves, To the fury of living, and freedom of thought, To your music, I love you forever ❤️

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