In my life, I’m Once been knocked down. That was a long time ago and did not happen in Berlin-Kreuzberg near the Kottbusser Tor, this most dangerous of all the places where I have lived for many years. It happened in the relatively peaceful upper Bavaria.

I lived in a small town with about ten thousand inhabitants in the vicinity of Munich. With a friend I had spent the evening in a pub in the nearest village, we had just risen from the S-Bahn. With us, two more young men arrived, apparently they were drunk and frustrated. “What a Fucking night,” I heard one say.

A slap in the face

the station down ran street, as the two overhauled on the bike. “Don’t look so stupid!”, called out to me. They drove on for about fifty meters, then stopped. A put down his bike and came to meet us. When he arrived with us, he proposed to me ansatzlos in the face.

It was Winter, I sat in the snow, and when I was back on his feet, he was already again on the way to his bike. Not on the run, but very slowly, like after the work is done.

after Christmas, the attacks on passers-dominated at the train station, in Eastern Bavaria Amberg the news, I had to think back to the attack of at the time: The next day I had a black eye on the police complaint against an unknown person added matter-of-factly was a guard. I was under the impression that the officials were particularly interested, impressed, or even halfway. Whether ever seriously determined, I do not know.

Horst Seehofer

the mayor of The village was not then live in the “today journal”, the incident didn’t make it once as a side note in the local newspaper. The Federal Minister of the interior, saw no occasion for a tightening of laws. Also its Bavarian counterpart-in-law persevering. The perpetrator was never prosecuted, and even if, it would come no man on the idea, deport him. Why: I have seen him only briefly, but it was clearly a Local.

In attack readiness

individual cases are hardly ever good occasions for fundamental measures, but that’s not what I wanted to see at that time. The fast pain goes away soon, the longer it takes to process the border crossing mentally. Shortly after the slap in the face I enrolled in a Karate course. Long before I could think of a pale yellow belt, I went already lurking through the streets. Should have made me come only once a stupid.

for Some time I found myself in a state of latent attack readiness, then I realized the futility of this state, and was the martial arts again. I had calmed me down. In all likelihood, my attacker denies today as a good father of a family, a rather uniform existence, whose only highlights are in the the occasional alcoholic excesses. A normal German life.

A heinous act

The Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) said after the attacks of Amberg of a “heinous crime”, and that’s what it is: Four drunken men at the age of 17 to the age of 19, beating indiscriminately at passers-by. You injured twelve people. Two of the alleged perpetrators are rejected asylum seekers, and in the case the process is still running. In the case of the Fourth – a Minors – a deportation ban, the Herrmann would now like to revoke. A makes straight a training as a chef.

“The drunken offender can expect in our country there is no understanding, but only the full force of the law,” said Herrmann. Anyone who wants to disagree with him, Who are you for a reason other must be punished. The free state has prescribed in such things since my own unpleasant experience, apparently, a whole new vigor in law enforcement.

In the column of Agitation and Propaganda, writes Stefan Kuzmany on the latest developments in politics and society.

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there is a lot to do. The latest police crime statistics counts for the year 2017 in the whole of Germany, around 40,000 recorded cases of violent crime where the perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol. Suff and related violence are serious problems in our society.


But a further tightening of the asylum laws help? The immigration rules because of the brawl in Amberg, even harder, as the Minister Horst Seehofer calls for the Ministry of the interior now? He solves any Problem? Or to put it another way: Are the perpetrators of Amberg integration holdouts, which the local customs will remain forever foreign to you, which is why the country as soon as possible to leave?

hardly. A spanking of a Teenager from Afghanistan or Iran, from the East, or upper Bavaria, a drunken apprentice cook, hanging out at the railway station, and Trouble addiction, denied not the customs of our society are overwhelming.

It is integrated, quite the opposite, unfortunately.

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