Alexis Corbière has responded in a statement to the revelations of the Canard Enchaîné, which wrote in its edition to appear tomorrow that he could have taken advantage of the funds for households with “very modest” to perform work.

[updated on Tuesday, October 30 at 20: 13] Alexis Corbière was not slow to react, and defend. On social networks, as is now usual, the Canard enchaîné announced the major topic in its edition to appear tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31. It concerns, therefore, Alexis Corbière, member BIA of Seine-Saint-Denis and a potential case of construction work which could prove to be embarrassing. “Tomorrow in the Duck, can we read, the deputy BIA Alexis Corbière has made to finance its construction work with funds to households as “very modest.” A few hours later, Alexis Corbière has responded to the article in the Canard enchaîné, even before its release, therefore, via a press release in which it explains what the funds raised by the Duck.

“I was treated as any other citizen”, said Alexis Corbière

“I confirmed,” says Alexis Corbière, my family sought and obtained a grant of the national Agency of habitat (ANAH), in the framework of the program “Living Better”, which is intended to encourage individuals to undertake projects of energy renovation”, emphasizing “an incentive policy useful to the ecological transition,” he defends. Concerning the qualification “very modest” revealed by le Canard enchaîné, Alexis Corbière defends himself by stating that a family composed of “a couple and three children is classified by the ANAH as “very modest” when its tax revenue is less than 57 555 €.” Figures and tables supporting, Alexis Corbière has so visibly held to extinguish the controversy before it has spread, and concludes : “It is the law, and the law strictly, which has been applied to the study of my grant application. I was treated as any other citizen. I have received no privilege. And to add : “He is particularly unbearable to read that the work was in any way a filouterie premeditated on my part.”

Fire and wood burning stove

In its press release published this Tuesday, October 30, Alexis Corbière takes care to detail the nature of the development work at his home. Following a fire in his apartment in February 2018 “caused by a wood stove”, of the renovation work are needed, according to the deputy of the France Insubordinate. All the more that his 4 year old daughter would have been left “stuck to the floor by the fire that was in the stairwell.” His home is now equipped with a condensing boiler and two extra doors, thanks to funding from ANAH and a bank loan.

Recall that a few weeks after his election to the deputation, Alexis Corbière had already faced a controversy regarding its housing located in the 12th arrondissement. Buzzfeed had revealed in October 2017 that he was with his wife an apartment HOUSING at the rent of 1200 euros to 80 square meters. The social landlord owns the accommodation was manifested several months earlier with him to ask him to leave the dwelling, and there is no reply to letters. The case had absolutely nothing illegal, but had asked a few questions, taking account of the incomes received by Alexis Corbière as member of parliament and his wife, Raquel Garrido, a lawyer and a columnist on C8. The couple left this dwelling in October 2017 to settle in the Seine-Saint-Denis.

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