checks The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, an investigation against the local AfD-Kreisverband because of a campaign donation. The authority confirmed. It was examining whether “there are indications of criminal actions”, said the head of the public Prosecutor’s office, John George Roth, of the mirror. On Tuesday, had been received in the matter of the display of a citizen from the district.

according to The report, it goes to the Section 31d of the PPA. Therein the person is threatened with punishment, the origin of the financial resources of a party is concealed and so the accountability report of a party falsified.

The AfD had confirmed media reports that in the past year, about 130,000 Euro from a Swiss pharmaceutical company to the AfD-Kreisverband Constance transferred. As the purpose of election campaign donation Alice rye was given: “”. The AfD-politician ryegrass is Chairman in the Bundestag, on lake Constance, has its constituency. The money was paid back, according to the this spring. Donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are not allowed. The AfD penalties threaten, and therefore might. To do this, who is behind the donation, the party made no data.

“in a Fiduciary capacity for a business friend”

The Board of Directors of the Zurich-based company PWS Pharma whole sale International had announced, at the request of WDR, NDR and the süddeutsche Zeitung, the managing Director of the company have transferred the money “in a fiduciary capacity for a business friend”. Him had not been clear that the AfD was the recipient.

ryegrass had informed on Monday: “In the account on which the donation was received, this is the extraordinary account of the district Association of the lake Constance district. The donation has not left my Person.” Personal consequences exclude them.

The state Treasurer of the AfD in the state of Baden-Württemberg had responded last August on the question of the Treasurer of the lake-County Association, whether or not you need to report donations of an unknown patron from Switzerland “somewhere, or make known”, in an E-Mail, “if the amounts received in the account of the district Association, whether this is “normal donation”.

representatives of other parties have expressed doubts about the enlightenment for the sake of the AfD. Green-Parliament managing Director Britta Haßelmann accused ryegrass she wanted to sell “to the Public for a fool”, if you say you didn’t know that party donations from Non-EU States illegally. Haßelmann called for a systematic Review of the financial management of the AfD.

SPD’s parliamentary managing Director Carsten Schneider called on ryegrass to be the “high moral standards” that you and other AfD-politician like other invest. FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer, deeming the whole process as “questionable”.

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