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parliamentary group wanted the issue off the table: The total of 280.000 euros of donations, which the district Association of the group’s boss, Alice ryegrass in 2017 and 2018 from unexplained sources, were after all the first item on the agenda of the group session. Before ryegrass, which is also Deputy Chairman of the Bodensee circle, had not declared that should be talked about.

Few critical voices, a lot of Forbearance with ryegrass – the discussion of two and a half hours duration. The output location: On the account of Weidels district Association were received in the weeks before the election, 132,000 euros, in instalments of 9,000 euros. The sender was a Zurich-based company. The had forwarded the money a patron from Switzerland, of yet unknown nationality, the AfD claims to be the Trustee and for Weidels election campaign. The Problem is that donations from Non-EU countries are only legal if they come from German citizens. A further donation of 150,000 Euro at the beginning of 2018, from an as-yet unknown Dutch Foundation.

The district Association has failed to report donations to the Federal Agency, which, in turn, must inform according to the law, “without delay” to the Bundestag. And instead of the dubious, possibly illegal money immediately to the Bundestag forward, as it is the party required by law, repaid to the district Association the amounts to the donor for the first donation to eight, the second after three months.

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How it may be that the Economist ryegrass as a Deputy district Chairman of the Reporting and repayment periods were known? How large is the financial damage and the loss of credibility of the party and of the group by defaulting behaviour is? Because not timely reported large donations to the Bundestag penalty may be imposed amounting to three times the donation is expected to, because Weidels district Association paid the amounts to the donor, instead of to the Bundestag, is lost this money now. The damage to the AfD could add up to a three quarter of a Million Euro.

Emotionally interesting Statement Weidels

Doubtful big donations, there were also other parties, but none of them is wearing the AfD for the claim, and to work much more transparent and correct than the other, the “old parties”, the AfD leaders condemn so often. A promise to the voters, and broke up the party here.

And it shows: In the case of failures in their own ranks, the AfD remains largely tame. Session participants will report an “emotionally put forward the” input statement Weidels, she repeated, mutatis mutandis, what had already notified in writing that they will ensure transparency and have hired a lawyer, all the information for an opinion to the authorities. Much more she said – because, in the meantime, the Prosecutor’s office determined against them and other members of your circuit Board.

ryegrass language Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, one of the AfD more compassionate Jurist and Advisor of the party. Schachtschneider relieved ryegrass: The party has not delayed the mandatory display of the donations and forwarding them to the Bundestag “imprisonment for debt” – as it is called in legal English, if you work continuously on the testing of a donation, and yet months go by. Thus, the Federal Executive of the party had argued and ryegrass, the “meet no fault”, cleared of all charges, without a detailed examination, despite the Prosecutor’s investigations.

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