Samsung will unveil new smartphones during the Unpacked event. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Hopes are high for the new smartphones from Samsung Electronics to be unveiled on Feb. 20, 2019 during an “Unpacked” event in San Francisco of the United States.

Gaining the most under the spotlight will be Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 model, the firm’s 10th anniversary android phone that is expected to sport various innovative features.

Along with the flagship model, also on the lips of observers is the long-awaited Galaxy X with a flexible display.

The consensus seems to be that Samsung will show off the innovative model, tentatively called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F, during this year’s Unpacked event.

“Samsung has actually worked on the bendable phone for several years and rumors have often circulated that the company will disclose a bendable model soon. But foldable phones have not been available so far,” said a source familiar with the issue.

“This month might be different. Expectations are high that the firm will come up with the real deal this time around.”

The firm demonstrated a prototype foldable phone in 2011. Although far from being sleek, it worked without losing brightness at its center after much more than 100,000 folds.

In fact, Samsung has hinted that it will reveal the Galaxy X during the Unpacked event as its teaser video is titled, “The future unfolds,” and features folding text.

Samsung appears to have no choice but to hurry. Otherwise, it runs the risk of being outpaced by its competitor Hwawei, which has also channeled resources into developing similar products.

The Chinese company is scheduled to hold an event at the Mobile World Congress on Feb. 24 in Barcelona, just four days after the Samsung Unpacked event. And it is likely to display its own foldable phone.

In other words, the world might see two handsets with flexible displays in less than a week, both vying for attention and consumers’ wallets.

Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones followed by Hwawei and Apple. Hwawei substantially reduced the gap with the leader last year.


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