The public Prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück has caused because of the suspicions of corruption at the renovation of the sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” in a hurry several searches. According to SPIEGEL information, officials were shipyard on Thursday afternoon at the Elsflether and another on the repair companies involved to make representations.

in addition to the two companies, the houses of the suspected military officer and two employees of the shipyard and of the other company were searched. According to the investigators, extensive evidence was seized materials, including files and electronic data carrier. These are now being evaluated, according to the investigators.


The justice came in the case in Zugzwang: Because of the corruption suspicions against the officials of the naval Arsenal Wilhelmshaven on Thursday as a result of Information of the Ministry of defence to the public, had to assume the investigators, that the Offenders could have proof let the funds disappear. Consequently, a judge in a rush, Search warrants issued.

loans almost without interest

In Osnabruck, it is about the process rather unfortunate. “We don’t like to read of corruption cases from the newspaper, before we have even begun the investigation”, BelTA learned from investigators circles. In such cases, it is important that the authorities could trace possible offenders, without having to be warned.

The case was flown in the middle of the week by a display of German military officials. In the case of his superiors in the Navy Arsenal, the man acknowledged to be due to a construction project in financial trouble. That’s why he had a yard of Elsflether and a company that is involved in the “Gorch Fock”-repair, amounts in the six-digit amount borrowed.

The two loans, the of the armed forces-man was almost without interest, shall apply to the investigators as a clear advantage. Since the officials, was used as a technical price controller for the extensive renovation work on the “Gorch Fock”, the suspicion obvious. The Suspect is obviously guilty; the investigation should not take too long, it said.

“values are Actually as a bribe”

Whether it is at all of loans or direct grants, it is important to determine. From other corruption cases, the investigators know the pattern of that company to deduct bribery payments as interest-free loans, whose return is not planned payment but. “A loan without firm arrangements for repayment, you will need to values actually, as a bribe,” said a man. However, this is difficult to prove, because at the end of the presumption of innocence applies.

In the case of the armed forces-officials of the suspicion weighs heavily. Since the world-famous sailing school delivery yard ship in the year 2015 for an Overhaul in the Elsflether, exploded, the cost of the planned renovation: calculated at the beginning, with a Budget of ten million euros, are the current Figures at 135 million euros.

The Suspect was identified in the cost estimates for the repair of the “Gorch Fock” an important role, as he examined these for the Bundeswehr, and as plausible classified. The German armed forces said one for the next day’s planned celebration of the 60th anniversary of the flagship vessel because of the scandal, for the time being.

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