In July last year, was taken by Sabine S. as one of the first German IS return inside. Now the 32-year-old German in Stuttgart, the process should be made. The office of the attorney General filed at the higher regional court of charges against the Dschihadistin.

Therefore, she had to leave Germany at the end of 2013, to get married immediately after their arrival in Syria of a hitherto unknown higher-ranking fighters of the “Islamic state” (IS), with whom she had two children.

According to the findings of the investigators praised S. in several Internet blogs, the life, the IS and took part as spectators at public executions. The husband had extra to an alley, so that she had been seen for the Locals clearly “IS a woman”. You will also receive shooting training and once for the defense of enemy troops in an explosive belt worn.

Special success

S. was arrested, therefore, in September of 2017, by Kurdish security forces, in April 2018, she returned to Germany. Since their arrest, she sits in detention.

The arrest was for the attorney General, a special success, A first attempt was failed due to the investigating judge of the Federal court of justice (BGH). This was the view that he did not have a warrant enough in the Hand, the mere stay in the IS and participation in the everyday life were life little.

in Contrast, the Federal government filed a legal profession successfully complaint. The 3. Criminal division held that S. had knowingly and intentionally connected the IS. She was alone out of state, got married in Syria a jihadist, money IS received and the command of the organization. She too was ready to use weapons.

Overall, were meanwhile taken five German-IS-Homecoming. In one case, the authority has collected in December in Munich indictment.

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