A cold night in Aarhus, a road on the outskirts of the city. Apartment blocks dominate the area. Here is a woman who has made it possible with its statement to the Berlin police strike a blow against one of the most notorious Berlin’s clan lives. The wife of Yasser Abou-Chaker.

she opens the door, throws a scarf over her blonde hair. Reporters from SPIEGEL TV to talk to her: “Hello, we are German journalists. We want to talk to Yassers woman.” She smiles, is friendly and relaxed. “I’m it. But I don’t want to talk with journalists. I’m not in danger. But this is a family thing.”

The question of why the investigators say, is her, apparently uncomfortable. The Smile disappears from your face. She is silent. From the Background, a woman shouts: “Stop, because of the family we can say nothing about it.”

in mid-January, had originally been a clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker, 42, in Berlin. And then, last Monday, his brother Yasser. The 37-Year-old was arrested in Aarhus with his family, he had tried to hide under a bed. Yasser Abou-Chaker is currently in detention pending extradition. “If he agrees to the transfer to Germany, it can happen very quickly,” says an investigator in Aarhus.

the Background to the dispute between Arafat Abou-Chaker and his former business partner, Bushido, signed and even a General power of attorney, and so the Clan had delivered. After years of lucrative collaboration good graces of the two now. The brothers Abou-Chaker is now planned to kidnap the wife and children of the rapper. Also from an acid attack to hit a woman is said to have been the speech.

SPIEGEL TV Arab families – the video series the Power of The Clans

According to research by SPIEGEL TV developed the case as follows: Yasser Abou-Chakers wife wants to separate, apparently, from her husband, on a Tuesday at the end of November, she leaves with the children of the common house in the Berlin suburb of Kleinmachnow. She goes to Denmark to be with their parents. A day later, her husband shows up, takes the kids and moves back to Berlin.

His wife then responds to the police in Aarhus and will give a talk in Berlin with the investigators of the land criminal police office. Their children had been kidnapped, so your statement, in order to talk to the police about her husband. However, she decides to talk and reported the Vernehmern of the alleged plans against Bushido and his wife. In addition, there have been death threats against them, since she had been pregnant and the child did not want to keep.

As the youth welfare office, the children’s reports, finished your statement to the police and goes back to Aarhus, to their parents.

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