According to new accusations against the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) are collapsed, the shares of the company on Wall Street by twelve percent. This is the largest percentage price fall for more than ten years.

The manufacturer of Penaten baby care should have known, according to the Reuters news Agency, for decades of asbestos in baby powder. In internal samples between the years of 1971 and the beginning of 2000, repeated in smaller quantities of asbestos had been detected. This information, however, were never passed on to regulatory authorities or made public.

investors now see more complaints on the company. Against J&J in connection with the allegations already thousands of lawsuits. Most of the plaintiffs are suing J&J that the powder contained talc caused the cancer. In some cases, it also is a suspected contamination of talc by asbestos.

In August of this year, Johnson & Johnson has been sentenced to a penalty of 4,69 billion dollars. Action was brought by 22 women that suffer from ovarian cancer. You made J&J products such as body powder “Baby Powder” for your health, and accused the group to have hazards concealed.


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