A court in Krakow has sentenced the ZDF because of its three-divider “Our mothers, our fathers” to “Pain and suffering” and an apology. Judge Kamil Grzesik said to justify, in the mini-series soldiers of the Polish home army Armia Krajowa were not shown, “in Accordance with the truth”.

This Misrepresentation have “a direct impact” on the “honor and Dignity” of the plaintiff, the 94-year-old Zbigniew Radlowski. The Survivor of a concentration camp, had filed the lawsuit with the support of the Association of soldiers of the home army.

The Armia Krajowa during the Second world war, the army of the Polish government-in-exile in London. The allegation against the makers of the ZDF series was that the Armia Krajowa soldiers would be portrayed as anti-Semites and aggressive nationalists. In Poland, the indignation triggered. Especially right-wing conservative politicians criticized the three-piece suit, as a German “propaganda film”.

The Krakow court sentenced the ZDF and the UFA production company of “Our mothers, our fathers”, Radlowski converted to pay about 5000 euros, and to publish an apology.

ZDF wants to go in appeal

The ZDF announced it would challenge the verdict. It is his Regret, informed about the court “of the artistic freedom have not paid enough attention”. The Sender recalled that he had already responded in 2013 to the criticism of certain passages.

at the Time, it was said that great emphasis “had been placed on a differentiated representation of all the characters”. This concerns also the people of the volatile German Jew Viktor in Poland meet, about a Polish woman who protects him, or the son of a Polish farmer who rescues the two prior to the discovery by the Germans.

The three-piece is about five to each other’s friend, the young Germans during the Second world war. One of them, Victor, escapes his Deportation to the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the home army.

The ZDF mini-series, was honored with the 2014 International Emmy. The offshoot of the prestigious US television prize Emmy is awarded to television productions outside the United States. “Our mothers, our fathers” received in the same year, the Golden camera, the program magazine “Hörzu”.


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