snow is fun – but it need not necessarily be Skis or a Snowboard. With these ten alternative winter sports they come into the fresh air and not have to abandon the adrenaline rush:

Fatbike to ride in Styria: Double the dick

Fatbikes don’t bring more Cyclists go where normal mountain bikes, come more – even in the snow. Thanks to the about twice as wide tires as is the case with ordinary wheels plowing Fatbiker on snow-covered Hiking and sledding trails, ski slopes, single-track trails and toboggan runs.

One of the most beautiful areas in the Schladming-Dachstein Region. There Michael Stix of “Alpine Fatbike offers” tours for down-hill professionals and pleasure cyclists (from about € 69 for a two – to five-hour Tour).

The tours are suitable for children under ten years of age, some are as a night tour. For this, the participants get in addition to equipment is a helmet headlight. Start is at 18. After exhausting hours on long descents and narrow Trails, only one thing remains: to end the day in a hut in pancakes and dumplings with melted cheese in the evening.

winter trend Fatbike Now it’s quite a thick

snow-Shoe Hiking in the Allgäu: the giant Only a crunch is heard, when the snow gives way under the giant pines. traipsing through the snow

And only the tracks remain in the snow. Around the upper baptism, vacationers, snow-Shoe hikes and walking tours off the beaten track companies.

Not quite so lonely it is at the snow Shoe festivalim nagelfluhkette nature Park (149 Euro per Person). 15. to 17. February are guided tours on the program of an eight-hour hike with a summit ascent on a snow-Shoe tour with avalanche prevention up to a short snow-Shoe tour with Igloo building. In the evening there is Kässpatzen, a headlamp hike and a horse-drawn sleigh ride.


ice climbing in Pitztal: from the thrills of the frozen waterfall

in the autumn When the temperatures drop, grow out of the water cases, frozen climbing routes. Then, with ice axe and crampons, the ice formations climb up, irritates, more and more mountaineers.

ice climbing-the centre has developed the Pitztal mountain world of Tyrol. Beginners and experienced climbers to push their limits from December to the end of March, and 45 Waterfalls. The entry-variant of wait routes, rich, on professionals spectacular ice walls with up to 190 meters in height.

Bizarre Formations made of ice, an overhanging bouldering wall and Basecamp-atmosphere await the participants in the “ice Total climbing festival” from 18. to 20. January in St. Leonhard im Pitztal (58 euros, excluding travel, accommodation and meals). For two days athletes can test the latest ice climbing products and together with a state-certified mountain is also the first trains leaders in the car on the steep ice.

tips for ice climbing, The waterfall is frozen? Up!

dog-sledding in Finland: to paw through the snow

Among the runners, the snow crunches, the huskies panting in the winter air, the sled glides over snow-covered Moors. In the case of a dog sled course in the North of Finland on winter vacation feel for a few days, such as Jack London in “the call of the Wild”. Who is on the husky farm Hetta, about 300 km North of Rovaniemi, in an eight-day dog-sled Safari takes part in the rushes every day between 30 and 50 kilometres through the solitude of Lapland.

After an introduction dealing with the dog as well as a Briefing in safety and Survival under Arctic conditions, the six participants start the sled with sleigh, animals, and two Guides. The challenging tours require good physical condition. But being with the dogs, with grooming, feeding, and the long trips, and the Arm of the dog sled, the efforts quickly forgotten. Slept and eaten huts in block – some without running water (an eight-day Tour costs 1775 euros per Person).

Snowtubin g in Switzerland: departure in the rubber-Donut

The pleasure on the rubber Donut snow tubing. Large and Small fly on a groomed track on an inflated tire with up to 40 km/h into the valley. On snow-waves and jumps goes down.

The snow tubing Park Engstligenalp above Adelboden in the Swiss Canton of Bern, there are several tracks to choose from: a high speed channel for pace Junkies and leisurely paths for all, which slide slowly downhill. Fun for families or circles of friends is a travel in a convoy with several tires. To the Park by aerial cable car (Combi-Ticket including the cable car ride and tire for four hours, for 36 euros).

bobsledding in Innsbruck: goose bumps in the ice channel

With a clatter the taxi bobsleigh through the curves, the wind whistles, and in the pit of my stomach, it tingles. Since the Olympic winter games in 1976, and Stefan Raab’s Wok world Championships in Innsbruck-Igls, host, the Olympic bobsleigh track cult of personality. In the four-man Bob), where you can with up to 115 km/h the ice down the grass (100 Euro per Person. For the 14 turns it takes approximately 60 seconds.

a Little shorter, but no less adventurous, a ride in the “guest bobsledding” (from 35 Euro per Person). Five guests and a Pilot to start at the ladies start to curve 5, and a lawn with up to 100 km/h through the 800-metre-long train. Then it’s off to the Bob Café K14 – there are drinks and a window with a beautiful view.

sledding in the Salzburger Land: the thrill of Cornering on the record Luge track

The car in Bramberg am Wildkogel is 14 km long and overcomes an altitude of 1300 meters. Thus, it is the longest illuminated toboggan run in the world. Even with a wooden toboggan from the hardware store to up to 40 km/h and can clear in about 30 to 50 minutes under floodlights through the night (the cost is for adults 12.50 euros, children 6 euros).

In January of 2017, 508 interconnected carriage driver set a new record as the longest sled in the chain, and they are even in the “Guinness book of records”. Halfway the Après-ski hut between time. After a Pause, it is then again, a helmet, a cord in the Hand and just not out of the turns fly.

Snowkiting in the black forest and the Alps: dance of the colorful dragon

snow-Kiten in Silvaplana Ride with the dragons

Airpass, a Bar and chicken loop – these are not secret codes for a BBQ party, but in terms of snowkiters. With the “snow dragon”, riders on your Snowboard or your skis with the help of the Winds over deep snow slopes and frozen lakes pulling or sailing several yards through the air.

On the Plateau of mount Feldberg in the southern black forest near Freiburg, snow offer kite-schools courses of all difficulty levels (for example, a two-day course, including equipment from 219 Euro). So Christoph folk, owner of the kite school Skywalker says, of the jumps that are possible, and of the freedom the Sport offers. People with his snow kite school is not only on the Feldberg, but is also present on the Swabian Alb, in Austria, on the Loferer Alm and Zell am see.

Snow ATV tours in the ore mountains: adventures on four wheels

Quad Biking can be addictive. Even crazier, snow Quad Biking over hill and Dale, through snow and over icy roads and paths. It is not on speed, but on the dosed use of the accelerator (the one and a half hour winter tour costs 79 Euro).

A suitable area of the ski resort Holzhau offers in the Erzgebirge of Germany. After a briefing in the handling and technology of the four-wheeled Quads, the group starts with a guided tour from the Ride through the forests in the Czech Republic. At the roadside cafes to warm up.

winter paragliding in Tirol: Hover over the Alpine peaks

The tandem flights are mainly carried out in the ski area of the Zillertal Arena, in the private flight area of the cell mount. Of fast steep curves until the quiet gliding flight. And if you dare, we may even draw time. Up to the starting place, it goes with the Arena gondola (starting at 2,200 meters will cost 130 Euro per Person, Start at 1300 meters costs 85 euros per Person). Fly may by the way also children from the age of three.

toy small the white winter world from a lofty height. A Paragliding is hanging flight over-covered treetops and mountain from the active centre of the Zillertal valley in Tyrol. A tandem pilot with years of flight experience takes over the control.

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