In the Moment of triumph Mick Schumacher thought once dad Michael is already on to the next target. Instead of a party after his title win in the formula 3, the son of the formula 1-record world disappeared the night master to bed early. Finally, quot;Schumi &quot wanted to be&; the junior for the season finale on Sunday to sleep, which he finished on the second Rennrang. "I’m really grateful that I can live this Moment and this dream," said the 19-Year-old, as he had done at Hockenheim in advance of his first title as a racer perfectly.

With a gentle Smile Mama Corinna observed below the podium and the champagne shower for the Filius. 28 years after the total victory of his father in the German formula 3 championship Mick Schumacher has mastered this important step in my career. The title secures him the super licence, the licence for formula 1. "It is difficult to find the right words," said the Pilot of the Italian Prema team. The wide Smile on his face, the casual chats in the following media rounds proved what a burden had fallen from him.

In the Spa, it was the turning point for Schumacher

for a Long time had done to Schumacher, also in his second season in the Junior series, very heavy, was driven in the first 14 races only twice on the Podium. "I have never ceased to work on myself in every point", insured Schumacher. Then the victory in Spa-Francorchamps, the former living room of his father came. Where Michael Schumacher drove his first Grand Prix for his first formula 1 victory celebrated, turned his son’s racing fortune. "The first victory is always the most beautiful," said Mick Schumacher. FOCUS Online/Wochit Ferrari boss already speaks about a Youngster, Mick

There are seven more successes, and the Eilfahrt followed to the top of the championship. With an accident in the first race of Hockenheim, Schumacher made it a bit exciting before he secured by second place in the penultimate race of the season on Saturday the EM-Triumph in front of the British Daniel Ticktum. "to create what you set as a goal, is a nice feeling," said Schumacher.

Just Schumacher’s amazing the form of increase in the second half of the season makes the competition to create. Ticktum manifests an evil suspicion in the direction of Schumacher’s Team and the formula 3: "Prema has found in the last race, and it will be difficult to defeat them. Unfortunately, I’m fighting a battle I can’t win, because my last name is Schumacher." you mean: Schumacher is better to earn money, therefore he must win. The evidence for this accusation.

Mercedes is watching Schumacher is just

head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff was by Schumacher impressed. "The Boy was in focus and had a lot of pressure. So clearly, it is not easy," said the Austrian, who could be his formula 1 Team as soon a possible employer for Schumacher. "He has shown what he’s made of and that he can be a Great in our Sport", praised Wolff. Bong arts/ Mick Schumacher celebrates his title

The Largest is still the father of Michael with his seven world titles in formula 1. In Hockenheim, the Kerpen, which is shielded since a skiing accident five years ago by the Public to flew, once more, the thoughts. "Mick not only looks like his father, has the same attitude and the same speed, he even has the under arms of his father, as to me yesterday have noticed," said Gerhard Berger, once a formula 1 rival Schumacher’s, and now chief of the German touring car Masters. Now son, Mick has demonstrated that he has the "racer-the genes of Michael," was Berger.

In the case of a crush, but Mick Schumacher knows that his education is by no means complete. An immediate jump to the formula 1, which has already for 2019 hardly any cockpit free, came for him early. "We are now thinking in the next couple of weeks more, what dangers next year," said Schumacher.

the Advice he is in all of Sabine Kehm, his father a long time, first as speaker and then as a Manager. Possible options in the formula 2, which guarantees that, in the framework of the program of the formula 1 of the maximum attention, and the Japanese super formula. Where the path should lead him, finally, because Schumacher had, however, no doubt about it. "Every driver has the goal to drive in formula 1. This is the king of class", he said. The question no longer seems whether Schumacher junior creates the really. But only, when.

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