The British labour Minister, Amber Rudd, criticised EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker keen for his dealings with women. His behaviour was “appalling” and “grotesque,” said Rudd in an Interview with “The Telegraph”. His behavior should be officially on instructions for sexual harassment studied, quoted by the newspaper.

During the EU summit last week, Juncker in the Protocol-Head of the EU-Commission, Pernilla Sjölin, to welcome in the hair. In social networks, Juncker has been criticised so fiercely.

Video: Juncker Sjölin


“That’s ludicrous,” complained now Rudd. “If this had happened in our Parliament, I would hope that there is an official investigation.” In addition, they criticized the handling Juncker with Prime Minister Theresa May. The two had a fight during the EU summit sharply. Juncker, the Brexit had referred to conversations with the United Kingdom as “nebulous” and “vague”. In October, he was parodied in addition May with a dance routine.

cold feigned in order to escape hugs

The behavior of Juncker was “terrible”, said Rudd to the “Telegraph”. You even got to Meet with the EU-often with a cold, feigned in order to escape hugs. “All EU commissioners love your big hugs,” she said.

It is not the first allegation of this kind. In the Wake of the Weinstein affair, there had been numerous reports of sexual harassment in the European Parliament. The MEP Udo Bullmann (SPD) spoke of a “culture of the admissibility of Attacks” that have always something to do “with silly dominance behavior”. EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani announced tough sanctions.

Rudd is, since November, Minister for work and pensions. Previously, she held the office as Minister of the interior. She was, however, resigned in April because she had made before the British Parliament making false statements to a controversial immigration quotas.

you had claimed that there were no targets for deportations. In a letter to the Prime Ministers Theresa May in January 2017, she wrote, however, to the number of deportations to ten percent increase. In her resignation letter, the Minister explains, you have deceived the Parliament “by Mistake” and would need to know what the odds are. More to the scandal and the behind reasons you can read here.

departure of the British interior Minister Theresa May loses her companions

Rudd is as Pro-European. She had spoken to the Brexit Referendum in the year 2016 for great Britain remain in the EU. Recently, it was proposed to again on the Brexit vote. May rejected a second Referendum, however.


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