two years Ago, the Terrorist anise Amri killed in an assassination of twelve people at the Berlin Breitscheidplatz: An investigation Committee in March, the question of how it could happen. This is because the security authorities had the bombers already longer in sight.

Some opposition parties accuse the government of them in the Committee of inquiry a witness to withhold. Left, the greens and the FDP actions together in front of the Federal constitutional court in order to force the questioning of a secret service employee in the Amri Committee of inquiry.

are you of the opinion that you are not able to enlighten possible authorities error before the assassination at the Berlin Breitscheidplatz two years ago, to hear without this V-man leader as a witness. He had held in 2016, the contact to a source of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution in the Berlin Fussilet mosque.

There is topsy-turvy at the time of the later assassin Anis Amri. The rejected asylum seekers from Tunisia raced to the 19. December 2016, with a stolen truck on a Christmas market and killed twelve people. The Islamist Terrorist was shot dead a few days later in Italy by the police, but many questions remained to be clarified, in particular concerning the exchange of information between the authorities.

“Legally flimsy”

The Federal government had provided the members so far, only a few sentences of terse Reports of the Meeting between the officials and his informant, said the Left-Chairwoman Martina Renner in Berlin. The Committee was contrary to the government, he waives a hearing of the informant from the radical Islamist scene.

The FDP Chairman Benjamin Strasser criticized the Federal government have justified their attitude of Refusal, “that an examination would endanger life or body of that Person”. This is “legally flimsy,” since he could be heard, for example, behind a shadow wall.


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