Pretty as a rainbow spans over the Bay of San Francisco. The waves are lapping gently against the jagged rocks at their feet. Behind them rises majestically, the 1874-built lighthouse in the middle of a picture-book house: A look at the Website of the East Brother Light Station promises a magical stay on the small island.

For you could be this dream soon everyday. Because the East Brother Light Station in California, just off the coast of Richmond, USA, located, searches for new operator for the Inn on the island. You can contact bedding: Since 1979, the job ad,

“it is operated as one of the best-known and most unique Inns in California”.

Otherwise, you will not have much time for idleness:

“you will operate the Five-room Inn, its guests both dinner as well as Breakfast (…) and all of the tasks from Chef to maid.”

So this is clear: With a pack of toast bread and a frozen casserole you can your guests not be satisfied:

“these will be high-profile culinary skills is a crucial requirement.”

Just as well that none of them is required to make everything alone. We are looking for a operator-Duo, or better said: a Couple of. Lots of space is not, finally, on the small island. The perfect candidates are so close.

Oh, and you or your better half should have a boat license. Somehow, the guests must come finally from the mainland to you and back again.

As a reward to you, so you wave to the two, expected to be $ 130,000 in the year. At least that was the money generated by their predecessors. It is entirely up to you. Maybe you can make it with your multi-talent is also something more to get out. From mid-April on, you can prove yourself, if you are among the elect.

you can Apply via a form on the Website – at least then, if you are non-Smoking. Because

“none of the candidates is allowed to be a smoker”.

On the Website, you can reserve a room. The view over the Bay you can get then for about $ 400 a night.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.