An Eruption of the Indonesian volcano Anak Krakatau broke at 22. December a devastating Tsunami that killed hundreds of people and thousands of injured. Flanks of the mountain, which rises from the Indian ocean, were slipped, and had triggered the deadly waves.

observations reveal now that the volcano lost considerable mass. Before the Eruption he was standing 338 meters from the sea, now there are only 110 meters, according to the Indonesian center for Volcanology. Under water, around 700 metres in height, including the bottom of the sea.

About two-thirds of its volume above the sea-level had disappeared: From the original 150 to 180 million cubic meters of the mass 40 to 70 million remained only left.

Of Anak Krakatau on the 28. December 2018

Of Anak Krakatau in the 19th century. July 2018

The Krakatau was grown in the previous months considerably, outbreaks had thrown since the summer, tens of millions of cubic meters of Rock to the surface. The volcanic island grew in width.

The current eruption of Krakatau has slowed down, however, the danger of further landslides is not banned. Thousands of people were brought out of risk zones nearby coastlines.

The Anak Krakatau (“child of Krakatau”) is the successor of the Krakatau, of the at the same location. In 1883, Krakatau erupted with the second largest Eruption of the modern era, only a ruin of the volcano remained. Tsunamis, the eruption sent across the sea, killing more than 36,000 people.


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