SPD Leader Andrea Nahles has turned against their internal party critics. In the süddeutsche Zeitung, calling for more honesty and openness. You lead the party with all of her “power, passion and Confidence”, said Nahles. “If someone does it faster or better, speak up.”

The leading SPD wants to look on Sunday and Monday at a conference in Berlin a way for a restart, and less conflicts in the Federal government. There Nahles wants to fend off the demand, for the end of 2019, the Congress scheduled office elections is preferable to decide earlier than planned on your personal future and also the of the Grand coalition. “I would like to know what good it will do, if you prefer a Congress or staff exchanges. I would also like to that the motives and concerns of the people are open, Packed on the table. This is what I please,” said Nahles, the SZ.

The party’s Chairman, after the losses of the SPD in the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, under pressure. Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert, for instance, to leave the Grand coalition with the Union. In the Thuringian General Kühnert, the party leadership accused, the mood at the base. The SPD is a clear mood for an exit from the Grand coalition, which is not reflected, but “the top”. Therefore, the party Congress was the only way for other parts of the party to put its Position to the vote. This must take place no later than June 2019.

Stegner: “Andrea has made mistakes, but others also.”

Kühnert justified his claim with the state Parliament elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg in September and October 2019. “If the ‘Grand coalition’ and the Trend for next fall still exists, then it can go for the SPD, at least in Saxony and Thuringia in the direction of single-digit results,” said Juso-in-chief.

Nahles wants to adhere to the previous timetable. “From the beginning in the Grand coalition up to the content renewal of the SPD with the participation of the party members – as the date for the Congress is by the end of 2019 already extremely athletic,” she said. The party should, once again, debate more, and in the disputed questions of clarity. “We need to get the time into the next year, if we want to make it right. Now in a panic to change everything is bullshit.”

But Nahles’ Deputy in the party leadership, Ralf Stegner, questioning the media, the Grand coalition reports. “Neither, we went to the Grand coalition, we will stay at any cost in the Grand coalition,” wrote Stegner, according to the mirror, and tagesschau.de in an internal position paper. If the coalition does not “change drastically and quickly,” their work and their appearance, could be, and you will not longer have stock.

Stegner, a new social state demanded, therefore, concept. Hartz IV is “out”. Among other things, a solidarity-basic income, a sanction-free minimum subsistence level and basic protection for children should be sought. As before, Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, and the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, also Stegner demanded to increase the minimum wage to twelve Euro.

Stegners national Association for an extraordinary Federal party Congress. A slight majority voted in a state Convention on Saturday in Kiel, the first in December 2019 upcoming Federal Congress in not preferable, but an extra special party Congress to convene. “Away with the Grand coalition, and everything is solved. So it won’t be,” said Stegner. He took Nahles against criticism. “Andrea has made mistakes, but others also.”

Schäfer-Gümbel speaks of programmatic Empty

another Deputy Nahles, Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, attributed the problems of the party on a programmatic Void. “We have indeed, in many respects, there is no identifiable Position. Not even in the party Executive,” he said of the editors ‘ network of Germany. Schäfer-Gümbel had suffered as SPD top candidate in the election in Hesse, a significant vote losses.

the governing mayor of Berlin Michael Müller of the SPD demanded concentration on a few topics. “We need to be clear and visible. We don’t need 28 subjects, but a few: the welfare state and the labour market, Rents and Housing, free education from nursery to University, health and care, as well as climate – and environmental policy,” said Müller the Focus.

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